Back to Work!

It's been a couple of weeks since I updated anything here. I wish I could say it's because I've been busy working on the car game but the truth is between starting 2-3 new projects for work and a bunch of Big Life Stuff that got in the way the last couple of weeks I haven't had a lot of time/energy/motivation for working on my own projects. BUT THAT ENDS NOW.

I'm finally back on the game and tonight I managed to play around a bit with some dynamic lighting ideas and much more importantly, I finished the main game loop, so you can have 1-4 players join/drop into the game and play races and it loops back to the menus where you can select different vehicles and then play more rounds.

It's very far from being finished still but the basic framework is now in place and I feel like I can at least hand people some controllers and let them play around with the game a bit to have some fun races.

Right now there are 1-4 human players and then the rest of the slots fill up with AI so there are always 8 cars on the track.

Next I'm going to finish up some little polish things I still have to do with the race results screen and then start working (FINALLY) on adding the weapons! I'm pretty excited to be getting back to gameplay stuff after a lot of work on data structures and backend stuff for the game.