Getting the Weapons Working

I started modelling some more weapons and thinking more about how I want them to work in the game tonight. I had originally thought of creating a randomization system that combines 3 different weapon parts to make different random weapons and stats but after some experimenting I think it ends up making them all just kind of look/feel the same since I have to design all the parts to fit properly with each other and can't really do crazy/interesting things with them. So I'd rather design a pool of hand-made unique weapons and randomize smaller details, colours and stats. This would be more like Diablo where you have bits of armor or swords/axes etc that can look the same but have different stats instead of what I had originally thought of, which was closer to the guns in Borderlands.

Weapons right now have these base stats:

  • Damage
  • Rate of Fire
  • Reload Speed
  • Magazine Size
  • Max Ammo
  • Projectile (Rockets, bullets, lasers, whatever)
  • Linked/Alternating shots (All guns come in pairs on the car right now and either fire at the same time or alternate back and forth).

All of this is working and driven by ScriptableObjects in Unity right now. So it's really easy for me to create a new weapon, give it some stats, assign a 3d model and projectile to it and have it work in the game.

Eventually I will also have more interesting traits like abilities, damage type or special stat boosts (some larger guns might slow your car down for example) but for now this is a starting point.

I still need to have cars actually take damage and explode next, so I'll hopefully be doing that tomorrow night now that I have some more weapons to play around with and test the feel of.