Music Etc.

Just a quick update to say that I've been working with Ashton Morris who has been making some really fun music for the car game lately

Otherwise I've been working on improving the controls/physics more and more and also messing around with improving the gameplay camera system. It leads ahead of you now while you're moving so you can see where you're going more easily (up until now you were always dead-center on the screen and it was sometimes tricky).

I've been pretty frustrated with the way the physics are working in the game lately and have been thinking a lot about going back to the drawing board with the whole way that they work. It would be a pretty big job but I think the 'feel' of the game is the most important thing to get right and really want to nail the movement/controls before moving onto other parts of the game. I guess I'm being a bit obsessive but it's still not feeling the way I'd like it to.