Hi! I'm skudfisher. What's a skudfisher? Uhh... well, it's a... hrm... It's a sort of fish? A squid thingy? To be honest I have no idea. Stop asking so many questions.

I currently live in Montreal and I make video games. Most recently, I worked on Shattered Planet and Moon Hunters while at Kitfox Games. These days I'm working on a little unnamed car game and doing some freelance work for various Montreal companies. I really love making games and I'm especially interested in procedural generation and all the fun, crazy things that are possible with it. 

How to reach me

If you're trying to contact me the best way by far is on Twitter! I am very likely to reply almost immediately on there...

Twitter: @skudfisher

E-Mail: mike.ditchburn@gmail.com

Tumblr: skudfisher.tumblr.com/