Car Game (Untitled)

What kind of name is 'Car Game'?

Uhh, well it's not actually the name of the game. I haven't come up with one yet. For a brief moment I thought of calling it 'Vroomy Boomy' but then a number of people talked some sense in me. I know I want to name the game after the racing team the player will be on in the game but I haven't worked enough on the story aspect of the game yet to have come up with anything clever. So for now I'm just calling it 'car game'.

What's so special about it?

'Car Game' is going to be a 4-player co-op racing game with RPG elements. You'll collect loot (in the form of tires, engines and weapons) and level up your character and your cars as you play. You'll be racing against AI players and villains to become the best racing team in the world.

Local Co-Op

I'm building the entire game from the group up to support local 4-player co-op. I want people to be able to create their own characters and play with their friends against the AI teams to find rare/cool cars and car parts.


Right now the plan is to have characters and cars level up separately. You'll be able to customize the engines, tires and weapons of each car (possibly more but that's the plan right now). 


The plan right now is to have all the loot in the game be randomly generated. So tires, engines, cars, guns and other items will have stats and abilities that will be randomly combined and named based on their level.

Random Tracks

All the tracks are generated randomly! So every race is different and unique!

Can I play it?

Not yet! I'm still in the very, very early stages of making it (about 2 weeks of actual work so far). I plan to make some form of it playable as soon as possible to get feedback on the feel of the controls and weapons, so keep checking here (or on Twitter @skudisher) for updates. I'll be very vocal about when it's available publicly!

When is it coming out?

No idea! I'm making this game without a budget and in my spare time right now so I'm not really clear on when it will be finished. But I'll post here as soon as I know!